Scholls Valley Native Nursery Story


Scholls Valley Nursery grows native plants in the eastern foothills of Oregon’s Coast Range. The staff at Scholls tried Clean Water GROW in 2014 after searching for a high-performance fertilizer that minimized labor, offered plants a controlled stream of nutrition and supported their sustainability objectives. After a full growing season of use, they are delighted with the results.

Scholls Valley Nursery understands environmental stewardship. They were the first native plant nursery in Oregon to be Salmon Safe certified and recently received recognition by the national Wildlife Foundation as Certified Wildlife Habitat. Joni Elteto, the business operations manager at Scholls, stated that "Clean Water Grow aligns perfectly with our business approach, using locally-sourced and recycled materials that minimize our impact on the environment, while also growing the healthy plants we need."

When it comes to performance, Joni was encouraged by “the high percentage of surviveability and the lowered level of input required by Clean Water GROW.” As a professional grower with a great reputation and a lasting concern for the environment, Clean Water Grow is thrilled to have Scholls Valley Native Nursery as a customer.

Clean Water Grow met or surpassed our performance expectations and, in some cases, delivered twice as much growth than before
— Joni Elteto, Business Operations Manager at Scholls Valley Nursery