The BIG Story Behind GROW

Clean Water Grow® contains Root-Activated phosphorus from Crystal Green®.

 This sustainable nutrition source is pulled from used water, offering an environmentally friendly food source for your garden. The slow-release formula gives your plants a season-long supply of nutrients by releasing minerals when your plants need them. 


Use a Stream-Friendly Plant Food

Used water is full of nutrients - we pull the best out for your garden.

Clean Water Grow® contains Crystal Green®, a Root-Activated™ nutrient technology that supplies sustainable, slow-release phosphorus, nitrogen and magnesium in one compound. It delivers a season-long supply of nutrients that release as your plants grow.

Plants need minerals like phosphorus to thrive. The used water that flows through resource recovery facilities is full of this vital nutrient. We harvest this nutrient in the form of a pure phosphorus prill and add it to each blend to keep your plants happy.


GROW Your Garden Better

This plant food is more than magic for your garden.

By choosing Clean Water Grow you:

  • Support the sustainable recovery of essential plant nutrients instead of using minerals from already depleting mines
  • Feed your garden food with slow-release aspects that minimize the risk of leaching into local streams and rivers and preserve sensitive local waterways
  • Help the environment by using recycled materials that, thanks to an energy-efficient process, pollute less than conventional fertilizers
  • Advance research and development of innovative water management solutions

Support Local Rivers and Streams

Join experts and protect our most valuable resource - water.

Clean Water Grow is made by Clean Water Services, a water resources management utility committed to protecting Oregon’s Tualatin River Watershed. By choosing Clean Water Grow you are supporting sustainable recovery of essential plant nutrients, helping to preserve sensitive local waterways and advancing research and development of innovative water management solutions.

Part of the proceeds support the Clean Water Institute™, a non-profit committed to scientific research, environmental education and the protection of water resources.

"Grow is my go to fertilizer, giving my plants the food they need when they need it.  I mixed it in my planters and the plants went insane!"

-Deb Paltrow, Oregon Gardener


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